Matt is meticulous, extremely well informed, able to explain complex and technical info in a way that allows us amateurs to get it and figure out what we have to do next, and funny! He works quietly and thoroughly, and the report is fabulous!!!!! We asked Matt to do a home inspection prior to putting our house on the market. The result has been so successful I think every homeowner should do this: helps the owner get organized and focused, and prevents surprises when the potential buyer has a home inspection. 
- L.I., December 2015
Matt, I appreciated your patience, attention to detail and good humor about my crazy dog. I felt that you taught me about my house and how some parts of it work without being condescending or unkind. It's a relief to know what needs attention in the near, medium and long-term, and how much it might end up costing. 
- N.B., November 2015
Matthew Hix did an outstanding job. I've met many home inspectors. Never have I seen someone who was simultaneously so helpful and efficient, detail-oriented and affable in his conveyance of information. A truly incredible job.
- J.L., October 2015
Matt was an outstanding inspector- thorough, polite, knowledgeable. He took the time to answer all of our questions. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone!
- A.M., October 2015
I was very impressed with how thorough and knowledgable Mr. Hix was in conducting the inspection. His assessment seemed fair and accurate, and was conducted in a professional manner. The recommendations for repairs were very helpful, and all technical information was presented to me in a way that allowed me to fully understand the issues and their solutions. I do not believe a better inspection could have been conducted. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a home inspection. 
- N.J., September 2015
He is exceptional on what he was doing... Will recommend Matt highly. Keep up the good job!
- B.A., September 2015
Excellent service and helpful suggestions. Thank you
- P.D., August 2015
You were awesome. I would recommend you to friends and family.
- T.C., August 2015
Matthew did a very thorough inspection. He documented his findings very well in both the description and pictures. He was prompt and efficient. I will use Matthew again for future inspections. Thanks, Adriana
- A.Z., Falls Church VA, August 2015
Thanks for taking the time to be thorough and explaining everything that needs to be done to the house.
- E.C., June 2015
Matt was fantastic. This is the second time we have worked with him for an inspection and he has been fantastic on both occasions. He is detailed and deliberate in his inspections and takes the time to walk homeowners through any issues, how to remediate them, and the cost to do so.We loved working with him and would recommend him to anyone who asked.
- N.R., June 2015
Matt was fantastic--really thorough and approachable. We did a pre-inspection with him on a home we did not win, and then when we won a different place, did our full inspection with him. I trust him and would definitely recommend him to others.
- J.R., June 2015

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